The Best Colon Cleanse Recipe For Your Colon Detox Diet

While it might not be a very glamorous part of the body, a healthy colon is fundamental for the whole body’s health.

Being a very important passageway in the excretory system, the colon’s health state is greatly affected by what we consume.

Surely, this fact suggests that we should be mindful of our diet and should cleanse our colon regularly (but not too often).

In this article, we will be sharing – an ideal diet that will always ensure the good health of our colon; along with the best colon cleanse recipe.

Best Diet For Your Colon Cleanse

homemade colon cleanse recipe

If you experience bloating, chronic constipation, or just feel “heavy” in the gut as you go about your everyday life, then a colon detox diet & cleanse may be right for you.

Some healthcare specialists suggest that the root of many diseases delineates from the colon.

As if to stress their point, it turns out that – the colon is the 3rd most common cancer site and colon cancer is ranked second on top “cancer leading deaths” in Canada.

The colon – or as it’s popularly known, the large intestine – is our fueling station just as it is our waste management system.

Also depending on the health state of the colon, toxins can take two different directions.

While a clean and healthy colon will painlessly eliminate toxins, a clogged and unhealthy colon will push the toxins back up into our bloodstream and liver; polluting the whole system thereafter.

Maintaining the right kind of diet can keep your colon free of debris. The question probably on your mind now is – “What kind of diet will keep my colon clean and generally maintain a good health?”

The buzz these days is, plant diets are best for reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the likes.

Obviously, this type of diet also proposes a lot of benefits for the colon:


natural colon cleanse recipe

Most plant-based diets hold massive amounts of fruits, vegetables, beans, fruits; nuts, seeds and whole grains have a lot of fibre, which is the most important, non-digestible food component.

A diet overflowing with fibre promotes a healthy digestive tract by clearing debris completely from the colon.

Fibre increases the intestinal tract’s activity by keeping the peristalsis – the muscular contractions looking wavelike that reduces bowel transit time- stimulated.

Fibre maintains moisture in the colon, softening the stool.

Green Foods

colon cleanse juice recipe

The high amounts of chlorophyll in green foods (like wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley grass, blue-green algae, spirulina) makes them perfect for cleansing the colon naturally

Apart from cleaning the colon, chlorophyll also heals and soothes damaged tissue around the digestive tract.

This aids the body in obtaining even more oxygen and drawing out toxins. No wonder some people call chlorophyll “the internal deodorant”.

Fermented Foods

all natural colon cleanse recipe

A diet with a lot of refined carbohydrates, but low on fiber decreases the amount of friendly bacteria in the intestines, affecting the internal ecosystem balance of the body.

Kefir, yogurt and other fermented foods like sauerkraut and miso can however increase friendly bacteria.

Bifidobacteria prevail in the colon, while the Lactoballi dominate the small intestine.

These advantageous bacteria synthesize vitamins from degrade toxins, food remnants, keeps the immune system stimulated and develops fatty acids that produce a source of energy for cells around the colon.


home remedy colon cleanse recipe

A lot of people need more water. Being the universal solvent, consuming an insufficient amount can cause toxicity and constipation in the kidneys and bowel.

Fevers, physical activity, dry or hot climates, and consumption of salty foods and meat all elevate the need for water.

The ideal amount to drink a day varies, usually between 6 – 10 glasses daily.

Nourishing and cleaning are two very important factors in the equation of good health.

Maintaining a clean colon will in turn keep tissues clean and enable cells to rebuild.

All things considered, a colon-cleansing diet both provides the body with nourishment and paves the path to good health.

The Best Natural Colon Cleanse Recipe

This homemade colon cleanse recipe can exterminate some of the toxins in the body making us uncomfortable, while at the same time providing a natural relief from constipation.

However, keep in mind that pills are the fastest remedy for colon cleanse.

Just set-aside a day you’ll be free – just one day – so you can eliminate waste with the internal and detox cleansing process.

Let’s see below how you can make an effective homemade colon cleanse with ginger, lemon, apple and sea salt.

Ginger, Lemon, Apple, and Sea Salt Colon Detox

colon cleanse detox juice recipe

To get started, you will need a spoon and tall glass. Place 3.5 ounces of pure water in a pan and warm it lightly. Ensure it is still at a temperature still safe for you to drink it.

As soon as it gets warm, pour it into the glass. Then add a bit of the sea salt and stir. The sea salt helps to release toxins, push waste through the body and in the end improve digestion.

Next, add the ginger juice, fresh lemons and apple juice.


Remember – an apple a day keeps the doctor away, guess grandma was right after all.

Ginger is wonderful because it decreases bloating and stimulates the colon to keep it clear from harmful toxins and wastes.

And lemon – the great antioxidant of course – aids in detoxification, digestion and has a lot of vitamin C.

How to Carry Out the Colon Detox Diet Recipe

one day colon cleanse recipe

The biggest tip to do this cleanse is to drink this as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach.

Repeat this drink again just before your lunch (consider baked salmon and steamed vegetables) and at brunch.

All together try to drink between 6 – 8 glasses at warm temperatures in a day.

You’ll find its better to reduce the drink intake after 5 p.m.; trust me, it’ll reduce overnight bathroom sessions.

Recipe Summary

Time: 5 minutes


-2 full spoons of fresh lemon juice

-1/2 cup of completely pure and organic apple juice

-1 tablespoon of ginger juice

-1/2 cup of pure warm water

-1/2 tablespoon of sea salt


1.) Get started with a spoon and tall glass

2.) Place 3.5 ounces of pure water in a pan and warm it lightly. Ensure it is still at a temperature still safe for you to drink it.

3.) As soon as it gets warm add a bit of the sea salt and stir

4.) Add the lemon juice, apple juice and fresh ginger juice. Stir.

5.) Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then have this mixture again just before a light lunch, and again mid-afternoon.

6.) Drink this as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach.

7.) Repeat this drink again just before your lunch and at brunch.

And that’s all!

I hope this article was helpful to those of you looking to detoxify your colons the right way.

I offer a full review of my best colon cleanse products that I personally have found great results with.

I also review my favorite colon cleanse pill here if you are interested in cleansing very fast since pills will get you results much faster over natural methods (although I recommend starting natural at first)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my site, I’ve put plenty of helpful stuff on it!



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