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Written by me! (Anna)

Are you looking for the best colon cleanse reviews on treatments currently out there? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I will review the top 3 colon cleanse remedies that offer the best way to cleanse your colon fast.

But first a quick disclaimer: I am not a certified medical professional and will only communicate my first-hand experiences with these colon cleanse products to help you decide what the best choice is for you and your health goals.

At the end of the day, always seek official medical advice and consult a physician before trying anything that will possibly harm or alter your body’s normal rhythm of function.

With that aside let’s get into it!

Should You Try A Colon Cleanse? The Truth About Colon Detox & Colon Cleanse Pills

Table Of Contents

1.) What Is A Colon Cleanse?
2.) Who Should Detox Their Colon?
3.) How Safe Is A Colon Cleanse Procedure/Treatment?
4.) What To Expect After A Successful Colon Detox

5.) Top 3 Best Colon Cleanse Reviews By Product

6.) Wrap Up & Next Steps

What Is A Colon Cleanse?

best way to cleanse colon fast

So what exactly is this colon cleanse thingy?

You’ve probably already read a ton of articles on this topic so I won’t bore you with details.

But basically, the way it works is that you take a pill, tea, or powdered/liquid supplement that causes your colon (large intestine) to empty its contents (you poop…ew…)

So why the heck would you want to do this?

They do it because of something called Autointoxication.

Cleanse enthusiasts believe that undigested foods (like meats) cause an unnatural mucus build-up in the colon.

This mucus builds up and houses toxins that eventually enter the bloodstream thus poisoning your body causing effects like:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • And Weight Gain

While this does sound accurate, after doing some research myself I learned that colon function is closely tied to nervous system function.

This is likely where most of the benefits that I and others have experienced from relieving daily colon cleanse treatments come from.

So People Do An All Natural Colon Cleanse For These Benefits:

  1. Reduced Fatigue
  2. A better mental outlook
  3. An Immune System boost
  4. A lower risk of colon cancer
  5. To lose weight (more on that later…)

So now that we know what a colon cleanse is, let’s see if it is right for you…

Who Should Detox Their Colon?

best colon cleanse detox

Colon cleanses aren’t right for everybody…

Avoid cleansing your colon if you:

  1. Have a known history of digestive disorder
  2. Suffer from Ulcerative Colitis
  3. Are affected by hemorrhoids
  4. Have rectum tumors
  5. Have undergone bowel surgery recently
  6. Have kidney or heart disease (but your doctor can clear this with you in this case)

Those are specific things to consider if you are planning on doing a colon cleanse procedure, BUT…

…if you fit the following then you are in a great position to try colon detox:

Signs A Colon Cleanse Would Benefit You

  • You are looking for a solution to digestion or constipation problems
  • You fell chronically sluggish
  • You have problems focusing or concentrating
  • You want to jumpstart weightloss for yourself
  • You want to improve your overall colon health
  • You are curious if it would improve your overall general wellbeing (this is why I tried it)

Remember, correlation is not causation so just because you have these things doesn’t mean a cleanse is 100% for you…

…but most cleansers are pushed to try it due to these symptoms

While I can’t guarantee a cleanse will solve all or any of these things, many people who have done cleanses report these benefits. 

And I personally did experience more clarity of mind and a…”lightness” after my doing a natural colon cleanse.

So now that you know what a colon detox is and that it is right for you, it’s time to learn about safety…

How Safe Is A Colon Cleanse Procedure?

best colon cleanse reviews

Always consult your doctor before undergoing any procedure that will alter your body’s natural rhythm…

Colon cleansing has not been given much in the aspect of clinical testing so there really is no sure answer to the chronic effects of cleansing one’s colon.

What is known is that colon cleansing’s popularity has exploded in the recent years because…

…it works and provides noticeable benefits to people who try it.

Also, I personally don’t recommend that you constantly cleanse your colon.

Your body already does a lot of things to keep your colon healthy like shedding old cells, regulating natural bacteria, and maintaining mucus membranes.

So think of a colon cleanse not as a long-term thing…

…it is more of a quick “tune-up” for your body that feels great when finished.

This in combination with the fact that all your doing is……can I say it?

Pooping. (There… I said it)

But it will sort of “rattle” your body at first so be prepared for it.

Side effects of colon cleansing include:

  • Cramps, Vomiting, Nausea
  • Imbalance of Minerals In The Body
  • Infection
  • Dizziness
  • Bowel perforation
  • Depletion of “good” bacteria (more on how I handled this later…)

Don’t be scared off by these things though.

A lot of websites I’ve read talking about colon cleanse products…are selling the very products they review in a biased way.

While I do this as well, I want you to get all info without bias before you make your decision to try a cleanse and these side effects are things that can happen, BUT…

As long as you keep your cleanses to low frequency you will be fine and I promise you won’t regret the fact you tried it.

Also, make sure you drink a lot of water since you’ll be losing a lot of fluids during your cleanse for…obvious reasons 🙂

Ok, so, you know what a cleanse is, you know it’s for you, you know how to keep yourself safe during your cleanse…

…let’s discuss what exactly a “successful” cleanse is like…

What To Expect After A Successful Colon Detox

best colon cleanse for weight loss reviews

I think the biggest thing like I mentioned before is that you will just feel “lighter” on your feet and more energized.

If you follow through with the process and make sure you stay hydrated you’ll feel great…

…it’s almost a feeling of a weight being lifted off of your shoulders (…or your colon…ok I’ll stop)

It’s essential that you fully follow through with your chosen treatment and you’ll certainly learn what I’m talking about

But you’ll know that your cleanse has been successful when you feel a general sense of improved well-being… it’s time for me to share the best colon cleanse pills for weight loss, constipation relief, and much more!

Top 3 Super Colon Cleanse Products

I started off my search for the best at home colon cleanse products and eventually, it is these products that I settled on as the best based on feedback from close friends who tried all of these and gave me their thoughts and experiences.

All products here are natural and if you are looking for the best colon cleanse for weight loss reviews or the best colon cleanse for colonoscopy these products are perfect for that.

So here are my best colon cleanse reviews and top 3 detox products I’ve seen great results with:

#1 – Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

bowtrol colon cleanse review This product does exactly what it says it does…CLEANSE.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser was the first detox solution I tried and it’s my favorite one over all of them.

This cleanser improves your colon health in so many ways because it:

  • Relieves Constipation Really Well
  • Reduces your water retention in your colon
  • Boosts your overall energy
  • And accelerates any weight loss program you are on

As a side note: Colon detox pills or treatments are not for weight loss primarily, anyone who tells you this is lying to you and trying to get you to buy their products, BUT they do shed a lot of water weight accelerating your weightloss in the short term (which is what it did for me)

This product is excellent at reducing bloating if you suffer from that (I did badly…)

I got a package for this product that gave me 3 bottles free so if you want to try this product for next to nothing go here and get a free trial bottle.

I think I only paid like $5 in shipping and handling , but the checkout took me like 1 minute and was super easy.

They also have limited supply so make sure you try them now before their free trial offer expires (may have expired by now)

After trying this pill, after 2-3 weeks I felt amazing. I shed about 10 pounds in “water weight” and it really motivated me to kick my workouts into full gear.

Before trying Bowtrol Colon Cleanse I was so sluggish and felt “heavy” but afterwards I couldn’t feel any better!

I’d give this 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion since it does make you a little queasy since of course…you are clearing your bowels and it kinda shocks your body.

But I am 100% satisfied with my experience from this treatment and don’t regret it at all.

This is the colon cleanse pill I recommend the most!


  • Relieves that “heavy” feeling you feel weighing your gut
  • Cures occasional constipation problems
  • Highers your energy levels through-out the day
  • Sheds water weight to speed up weightloss
  • Variety of natural ingredients


  • Mild headaches and dizziness
  • Lightheadedness

Natural Ingredients

  • Flax seeds
  • Cascara Sagrada
  • Senna
  • Aloe
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Cloves
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Thyme oil powder

This pill is a solid choice and you really can’t go wrong with whatever treatment you pick as long as you follow through on the treatment.

(Click Here To Get Free Bottles Of Bowtrol Colon Control)

#2 – Digest It Cleanser

I found out about Digest It Cleanser from my close friends.Digestit colon cleanse review

From my experience this product is absolutely great for reducing constipation and decreasing chronic bloating.

It is a very close #2 to Bowtrol Colon Cleanse but shares all the same benefits:

  • Destroys Chronic Bloating Problems
  • Boosts your energy throughout the day
  • Gives you that initial weight loss push
  • Reduces Water retention in your body

I found this product through a lot of research and I’ve seen a lot of great things about it.

They also offer free bottles with select packages so you can grab your free bottles of Digestit here.


  • Completely a natural detox pill
  • Boosts your energy after a while
  • Accelerates weight loss initially
  • Relieves constipation
  • Cuts bloating & Relieves Gas Problems


  • Prolonged use can lead to health problems (cleanses are like a punch to the gut!)
  • The energy boost decreases after a while

I read it is best for people who want a pill that’s lighter on their gut, but I’m not sure that any colon detox treatment can be called “light” (the point is for it make your colon empty it’s contents…not much light about that!)

This pill is a great choice for people of all walks of life and certainly worth a try

(Click Here To Get Free Bottles Of DigestIt)

#3 – Bowtrol Colon Control

Bowtrol Colon Control reviewAnother Bowtrol cleanser landed on the list? Yep. Bowtrol Colon Control is the real deal

This cleanse solution is completely natural with most of its ingredients dating back to Greek times when colon cleansing first became popular.

How did this recipe last for so long?

Because it works!

The Flax seeds in this cleanse pill offer a good source of fiber which is essential to initiate the process of clearing the colon.

This treatment includes the Cascara Sagrada herb which is a natural laxative that smoothly advances the detox process along.

More natural ingredients soothe and replenish your gut as you advance through treatment and finally Probiotics swoop in to replenish the “good” bacteria in your gut to establish balance again in your colon.


  • Replenishes “good” bacteria in your gut
  • Protects against digestive upsets
  • Restores natural digestive balance
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System
  • Helps improve your lactose intolerance


  • Rough on people new to detoxifying their bowels
  • Can cause headaches and lightheadedness

I tried this one after using “Bowtrol Colon Cleanse” and I went here to grab some free bottles.

I got the free bottle and only paid a small price for shipping and a week later I got the bottle and was so excited!

My order came with a lot of perks like access to a “Weight Loss Club” they had and some MP3’s about weight loss which I never got the chance to look at since I was busy with a lot of stuff in my life at the time.

It was just as effective as Bowtrol Colon Control, but I only tried it a week so I can’t put it higher in the list with as much confidence as the other 2 pills.

Excellent pill, certainly a must try if you really want to find the treatment that works best with your body.

(Grab Some Free Bottles Of Bowtrol Colon Control Here)

BONUS TIP/PRODUCT – #4 Bowtrol Probiotic

bowtrol probiotic reviewA BONUS PRODUCT! WOOOO! This one is here for an important reason.

Bowtrol Probiotic is a big player in the colon health game and for good reason.

Whenever you do a colon cleanse you want to take a probiotic as well.

Why you may ask?

Well when you colon get’s emptied out it also depletes your colon of essential “good” bacteria and nutrients.

This is where Bowtrol Probiotic comes in.

When I heard of it I snatched up some limited time free bottles here and immediately tried it

This supplement has these benefits:


  • Excellent at replenishing your Good Bacteria
  • Restores essential nutrients to your colon during a cleanse
  • Helps Improve Lactose Intolerance
  • Protect against frequent digestive upsets
  • Boost immune system health
  • Restore balance of digestive processes


  • Has insignificant results for a minority of people
  • Buying monthly pills can be a hassle

If you really want to do this right then this pill is a must have since it will sort of “round off” the process of colon detoxification.

The initial pill you take to cleanse is like the punch to your gut and the probiotic is the “massage” that picks you back up much stronger than before.

(You Can Get Free Bottles Of Bowtrol Probiotic Here)

Wrap Up & Next Steps

And that’s it! Those are my top 3 relieving daily colon cleanse treatments that I believe are the best on the market.

Whether you want a 24 hour , 2 day, or 1 day colon cleanse, these treatments will offer the best solution for your needs.

This article is only scratching the surface of this topic and I hope it was even mildly helpful as this article writing thingy is new to me 🙂

I have experienced what you are experiencing and I really urge you to just try it.

$10, $20, $50, IS NOTHING when it comes to investing in your health and happiness as a person.

That is priceless.

Of course, I’m not guaranteeing that a colon cleanse will be a magical solution to your problems, but from experience it does have a lot of benefits in moderation

My biggest recommendation is that you try Bowtrol Colon Cleanser and once you are done with that then use Bowtrol Probiotic to really seal in the benefits.

Both offer free bottles with purchase of select packages and the value for your money is insane

…but this is only something I can say in retrospect.

You’ll have to experience it for yourself to trust me.

With that being said, it’s always best to talk to your physician before trying anything that will mess with your body’s natural rhythm of function.

Just because ingredients are natural doesn’t mean that they will “agree” with your body so proceed with extra caution especially if you currently take medications of any sort.

But when you finish your cleanse…it’s just a great feeling.

You’ll feel like a cloud especially if you watch what you eat and workout regularly like I did.

So take action now and do these 2 things before we part ways:

Grab A Free Bottle Of Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

Get A Bottle Of Bowtrol Probiotic For Later

I hope this article helped you, and best of luck my friend.

Go out there and make that change in your life I know you can do!



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